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Agent-based Simulation in Architectural Design
Tracing COVID in Built Environment
COVID Recovery Resort
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Reconfigurable Street

Augment Urban Mobility with Robotic Technology
Uber Space
Robot Crossing


Documentary of Suzhou Immigrants
Film: Edge Town



Realized Project
Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery
OCT Contemporary Art Museum

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Supervisor: Yiping Dong, Theodore Dounas
Undergraduate Thesis


Anonymous tells a story about the new everyday life of Suzhou immigrants. Suzhou has the largest immigrant population in China, and simultaneously, the negative effects of densification on urban gated communities with cumbersome high-rise residential towers. Is it possible to rebuild vivid social neighborhood life in high-rise and high-density social housing? The answer is yes. Anonymous offers an alternative social housing that breaks the sandwich layers of unconventional social housing blocks and returns the rights of living autonomy to immigrants.

The project takes the baton from the documentary "Edge Town," transforming vivid 2D neighborhood social life into 3D space. The strategy involves the transformation of the rural area’s intimate social space. The social public space in the rural area of Suzhou is not a designed space but a creation, a lacuna, or a virgin void resulting from the dissimilarity of different solid houses. The unity of solid private houses and void public neighborhood space interweaves vibrant life. Anonymous employs this strategy and designs several different housing types with varying width, length, and height. Then, several grammars of neighborhood rules are set to imitate the self-built progress.