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Program is an Algorithm

Agent-based Simulation in Architectural Design
Tracing COVID in Built Environment
COVID Recovery Resort
Phone Food

Reconfigurable Street

Augment Urban Mobility with Robotic Technology
Uber Space
Robot Crossing


Documentary of Suzhou Immigrants
Film: Edge Town



Realized Project
Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery
OCT Contemporary Art Museum

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Uber Space

Supervisor: Greg Lynn
Teaching Assistants: Kaiho Yu, Bence Pap and Valeria Ospital

Building Construction Supervisor: Karin Raith, Franz Sam
Structural Design Supervisor: Wolf Mangelsdorf
Urban Strategies Supervisor:  Andrea Börner

Urban Mobility, Space on Demand, Paris Rue Soufflot, Double Plated Shell


In the future, the street will be wider again, just like when the car was introduced to the city—not for machines but for civic life. Large, self-driving electric modules will configure various public facilities for citizens.

They will travel through the city, bringing diverse public resources equally and emotionally to the community. These modules will serve as public transportation with engaging programs, encouraging people to experience the city rather than merely sitting on seats with small screens.

They will coexist with cars, instead of excluding all cars from pedestrianized streets. When these modules depart, the empty street transforms into a plaza for citizens to occupy. Every day, every hour, people will experience different public facilities right in front of their doors. There will be no need to purchase an expensive apartment close to the office but far from friends.

Non-rectangular Module System for Paris

Modular system doesn’t mean inevitable rectangle. 16 non-rectangular modules with self-driving technology could travel through different street to provide space for demamnd. Sometime it is al fresco...

Sometime it is museum and gallery...

Sometime it is university campus...

Building Construction: Double Plated Shell