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Program is an Algorithm

Agent-based Simulation in Architectural Design
Tracing COVID in Built Environment
COVID Recovery Resort
Phone Food

Reconfigurable Street

Augment Urban Mobility with Robotic Technology
Uber Space
Robot Crossing


Documentary of Suzhou Immigrants
Film: Edge Town



Realized Project
Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery
OCT Contemporary Art Museum

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Phone Food

Supervisor: Greg Lynn
Building Construction Supervisor:
Franz Sam
Teaching Assistants: Maja Ozvaldic, Bence Pap and Kaiho Yu
Guests: Mariana Ibanez, Patrik Schumacher

Velina Iantcheva, Hao Wu

Concept Design, Detail 3D Modeling, Architectural Drawings
Construction Details, Animations, Unity Simulation

Food Delivery Application, Ghost Kitchen, Delivery Robot, Agent-based Simulation


First there was fast food (convenience)
Then there was slow food (healthy & sustainable)
What is possible now?

With the rise of popularity of food delivery services, young chefs are opting to operate from ghost kitchens as an accesible way to start their business, further increasing the spatial gap between chef and customer.

The coworking restaurant provides chefs with direct access to dine-in customers in addition to kitchen space. A decentralized dining area inspired by the food festival features multiple serving points where chefs offer samples of their daily dish, available to be ordered by customers.

A progression of frames gradually reveals details of the interior to spark the curiosity of visitors and build up expectation to the discovery and deframing of the serving point - the most cherished moment of the scheme.

Spatial Experience

Agent-based Simulation on Site



Building Construction