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Agent-based Simulation in Architectural Design
Tracing COVID in Built Environment
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Augment Urban Mobility with Robotic Technology
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Documentary of Suzhou Immigrants
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Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery
OCT Contemporary Art Museum

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Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery


In cities or villages, regardless of where we live, mortality is the destiny shared by us all. When its inevitability is a given, how do we handle death? Aside from the ancient traditions and rituals, what are our alternative options in terms of commemorating and perceiving death - whether it is the passing of our beloved ones, or the end of our own journey of life? Bearing these queries in mind, we have started the design of the Memorial Hall at Longshan Cemetery and continued to seek for the answers throughout.


Conceptual Design
Design Development
Physical Model Making

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Project Info

Location: Longshan Cemetery, Jiaozuo, Henan Province, China
Status: Completed 2020
Area: 93sqm

Client: Xiuwu County Longshan Cemetery / Xiuwu County Xiu Xin Shang Wu Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Architectural and Interior Design Consultant: Studio 10

Principal‐in‐charge: Shi Zhou

Construction Drawings Consultant: Shaohui Li
Graphic Design Consultant: SURE Design
Lighting Design Consultant: Matt Lighting Design Associates

Photographer: Chao Zhang, Bruce Zheng