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Program is an Algorithm

Agent-based Simulation in Architectural Design
Tracing COVID in Built Environment
COVID Recovery Resort
Phone Food

Reconfigurable Street

Augment Urban Mobility with Robotic Technology
Uber Space
Robot Crossing


Documentary of Suzhou Immigrants
Film: Edge Town



Realized Project
Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery
OCT Contemporary Art Museum

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Supervisor: Greg Lynn
Teaching Assistants: Kaiho Yu, Bence Pap and Valeria Ospital

Hao Wu, Anna Salakhova, Luca Zanarini, Philipp Ma and Tomaz Roblek

Conceptual Design, Design Development, Robot Dynamism Scirpting, Animation, Physical Model Making, Stop Motion Making.

Urban Mobility, Robot Dynamism, Vienna Ring Street, Technoscape, The architecture of engineers, MAXXI


The Ar[T]ram reimagines the traditional museum and extends the museum experience outdoors in a motional and dynamic way. 

From being only the circulation area, Vienna’s Ring Street becomes a space that is augmented with art, a space for exchange and collaboration for the museums and art institutions scattered along the Street. It links cultural facilities and provides a preview highlighting a bigger exhibition at a permanent museum. 

The project aims to catch people's attention, get them to be curious and develop an interest in art among a broader audience.

Exhibition at the Technoscape, The architecture of engineers, MAXXI, Rome.

Stop-Motion Film + Animation

Urban Strategies

There’re five main cultural institutions located along the ring: the MAK, the museum of applied arts, the natural history museum and museum of art history, as well opera and BurgTheater.

On a masterplan level, mobility and pedestrianisation are being combined. We treat the Ringstreet as a running sushi table, where modular galleries and complementary museum programs travel along the Street via moving platforms on the existing tram tracks.

By adding to the existing transportation system, we get the opportunity to engage people with artworks, performing arts as well as complementary museum amenities while they are circulating through the city, creating a museum experience without having to sign up for it.

Architectural Program

We extract the interior experiences from 5 institutions. The Central Dome for Natural history, the gallery for ArtHistory, Central Atrium for MAK, Auditorium from Opera, and Grand stairs from BurgTheater. And other programs such as cafe, lecture room, shop and workshop for kids. Those programmatic modules are getting combined into a sequence of diverse spaces when put together and provide opportunity of collaborations between 5 cultural institutions, sharing their unique interior experiences to the street.to provide a preview for all 5 cultural institutions

There could be a performance tram, with modern dancing comparing with ballet, while you can also join the gallery to see the history of those performances; But also the possibility for a museum tram, filled with fossils, life sized stuffed animals, Rembrandt paintings and Erwin Wurm sculptures. Or a Tourism tram to provide a preview for all 5 institutions. These combinations create unusual curatorial possibilities where performances, objects and artworks that are otherwise not commonly brought together appear side by side.