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Agent-based Simulation in Architectural Design
Tracing COVID in Built Environment
COVID Recovery Resort
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Reconfigurable Street

Augment Urban Mobility with Robotic Technology
Uber Space
Robot Crossing


Documentary of Suzhou Immigrants
Film: Edge Town



Realized Project
Hall of Immortality at Longshan Cemetery
OCT Contemporary Art Museum

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Edge Town

Supervisor: Austin Williams
Team: Hao Jiang, Hao Wu, Haoyu Shi, Zhuoying Wu, Lanke Tang

Storyboard, Filming, Editing

Immgration, Urban Studies, Suzhou, Documentary


Edge Town It narrates Chefang, a town between Suzhou Industry Park and the rural area of Jiangwang. Due to its location, it cannot receive the welfare of SIP, additionally, or the rural area. The project was initiated by a field trip when I was working on my studio project,
Anonymous, which is a density housing project for immigration. According to the site analysis, lots of people in the Nanmen area are immigrants from the Wujiang area, characteristic places like Chefang. Thus, an interview was conducted by me during my research of Jiangwan and Chefang.

It was entered for the Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival and the London International Film Festival in 2017. However, it had to be withdrawn from these due to a complaint from the local government.